Second mid air collision averted at JFK airport - UK Airports Airport News

Airport news for UK Airports on 14/07/2008.

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JFK Airport experienced its second close call this week, when a Delta Air Lines Boeing 757 missed its landing approach and quickly had to be re-directed by air traffic control around the takeoff path of a Comair flight 1520, which was on a runway that was perpendicular from the runway on which the Delta jet was attempting a landing.

A spokeswoman for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said that the two aircraft were more than a half mile apart when the incident occurred, and that JFK air traffic controllers gave instructions to pilots of both planes that averted serious consequences.

According to JFK tower staff, however, the aircraft were within 600 feet of each other when air traffic controllers intervened. Almost immediately following the incident, changes in landing and takeoff procedures were instituted by the FAA to deal with situations involving perpendicular runways. The objective is that any plane taking off on one runway completes the takeoff before a flight scheduled to land on the second, perpendicular runway is cleared by the tower.

It was less than a week before that a Linea Aerea Nacional de Chile flight on takeoff came too close to a Cayman Airways flight that was landing. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is investigating this earlier incident as well. There are conflicting reports on how close those two planes were to each other, as well.

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