New data shows less than half of easyJet flights departed on schedule last month.

Airport news for Travel,Gatwick on 19/07/2010.

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EasyJet has suffered an embarrassing publication of data showing how rarely its flights manage to leave on schedule. Gatwick airport, home to the biggest number of easyJet flights, has compiled data that shows less than 50 per cent of easyJet flights departed on time last month. Only 48 per cent of easyJet’s international flights left within 15 minutes of the scheduled departure time. By contrast Air Zimbabwe managed to get half of its flights off the ground on time. British Airways outclassed both of them, achieving a rate of 85.7 per cent.

EasyJet’s recent history has not been much better. In January, 61.8 per cent of its international flights left on time. That rose to 74.5 per cent in April but by May, easyJet was down to 54.4 per cent. During the same period, British Airway’s worst performance was 76 per cent but its best was 94.5 per cent. The picture was little better for easyJet’s domestic flights, with more than half of flights taking off late.

EasyJet said the late departures were a result of problems with air-traffic control on the European continent. Planned government austerity measures led to periodic industrial action by air-traffic controllers in France, Greece and Italy. A spokesman for easyJet said the airline suffered disproportionately because of its destinations.

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