Ryanair says BAA should sell Stansted - Stansted Airport News

Airport news for Stansted on 22/09/2008.

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The low-cost Irish carrier doesn’t feel that the sale of only one of its airports – and none in Scotland – fulfils the expectations of the Competition Commission report, according to comments by the airline’s CEO.

The investigation by the UK monopoly watchdog group led its recommendations to the government that airports owner BAA should be required to sell off some of its seven airports. Ryanair is insisting that in order to improve service to airlines and air passengers, Stansted Airport should be sold off as well – along with Glasgow or Edinburgh airport in Scotland.

Ryanair’s CEO, Michael O'Leary said: "Airlines and passengers have been abused for many years with high prices and abysmal service at all of the BAA's London and Scottish airports and the 'trick' of selling off Gatwick won't end this abusive monopoly."

The Association of British Travel Agencies (ABTA) is on record stating that services to passengers at Gatwick should be improved when the airport is under new management.

ABTA’s chief executive, Mark Tanzer, stressed: "Any new owner for Gatwick must be subject to proper ongoing regulation to ensure that they provide the level of investment and performance that a modern international airport requires."

BAA recently revealed plans to sell off Gatwick Airport, but has not indicated any such intention concerning Stansted.

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