Complaints about noise at Stansted decline - Stansted Airport News

Airport news for Stansted on 09/10/2008.

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At an airport noise reduction seminar held this past week, the Stansted Airport was acknowledged as having improved its environmental record, particularly in regard to noise pollution.

The airport has closely monitored flight-path noise pollution, and has also been successful in restricting take-off and landing slots to aircraft that meet fuel efficiency standards.

Dr Mark Watson, of the Society of British Aerospace Companies, told the group attending the conference that noise emissions from aircraft in the UK have decreased by 75 per cent in the last 30 years.

A spokesman for Stansted, Nick Barton, added that the noise reduction was most notable around London, and said that this was largely due to the introduction of energy-efficient planes by budget carriers.

He also said that Stansted has shown a commitment to continuing to keep noisier aircraft from using the airport, by imposing strict noise level limits.

The Labour member for Herts and Essex, MEP Richard Howitt, commented on the airport noise pollution as well, in calling for a total ban on all aircraft not meeting standards, throughout Europe.

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