Matt Le Tissier International Airport? - Southampton Airport News

Airport news for Southampton on 26/05/2008.

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Southampton Airport could get a new name if a recently initiated petition on the social network website Facebook is successful. Over 1,100 fans have already signed the petition to rename the airport in honour of former Saints midfielder Matt Le Tissier.

Enthusiastic fans have created mocked up motorway signs promoting their idea, directing travelers to the Matt Le Tissier International Airport. Last week alone, 300 people signed the petition to change the airport’s name, although officials at the airport insist that there are no plans to rename Southampton Airport.

Saints fan Jay Limburn is the man behind the idea. “I can't believe how popular it is,” said the 28-year old software engineer said. “Every time I look at the site, more and more people have joined it. It just goes to show how highly people in Southampton think of Le Tissier and what a great player he was.”

Very few celebrities have been successful in having an airport named for them. Medieval legend Robin Hood has an airport in Doncaster named for him. Other famous names on airports are John Lennon in Liverpool, John F Kennedy Airport in New York, Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris and George Best in Belfast City.

The footballer in question just married last Monday and recently heard of the petition. “I find it quite bizarre,” he said. “I have been very honoured in this town. There is a block of flats named after me and, for a little while, a pub. I think the airport might be taking things a little far.”

Jay said: “BAA don't seem to be interested, but so many people are backing the idea that they will have to listen to us sooner or later.”

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