Job cuts not ruled out by Prestwick officials - Prestwick,Glasgow Airport News

Airport news for Prestwick,Glasgow on 22/01/2009.

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Officials have denied reports that have appeared in newspapers, however, stating that 500 airport employees were on a 90-day consultation period, and that 240 jobs were at risk.

Prestwick Airport employees have been informed about the management review, which is just now underway.

Airport officials commented that the facility’s prospects are "optimistic" and that workforce reductions were not "a foregone conclusion."

Mark Rodwell, Prestwick’s chief executive, said: "As economic conditions worsen, like most other businesses, we are reviewing our operation in an effort to maximise profitability and respond to changing business needs. We have entered into a review process to look for ways to deliver efficiencies, cost savings and revenue improvements.

He went on to say: "Our business development team is working hard to offset the recent loss of freight and charter traffic by exploring a number of opportunities with potential new airlines. While these are difficult times we are optimistic about the long-term future of the airport and the aviation industry as a whole, which has always recovered well in the past."

According to the airport executive, passenger services experienced a "strong" 2008, but they were faced with "difficult year with many challenges."

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