Some passengers passing through Manchester airport slipped by with no passport checks, the airport has confirmed.

Airport news for Manchester,Flights on 09/04/2012.

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Officials from the major UK air gateway said on Friday that the events took place over the last two weeks, during in around 100 passengers from three different flights were able to pass through UK Border Agency checkpoints without undergoing standard entry procedures.

Reports said that passengers from all three flights, one of which was said to have landed midway through last week, were sent the wrong direction – to the domestic arrivals area – by sub-contracted handling agents rather than to the proper channel for international arrivals in Terminal 3. The flights had come from Antwerp, Malaga and Brussels

According to airport bosses, the mishap was quickly discovered and most of the passengers ended up going through security procedures before leaving the airport. However, dozens still managed to leave without proper paperwork, officials said.

A spokesman for Manchester airport said that any danger to the United Kingdom was “negligible” following the incident but that airport staff members would now be commissioned to assist sub-contractors with handling arriving flights. He added that the UK Border Agency was not at fault.

Agents responsible for the mishap have been dealt a dressing down and were told that such mistakes are not acceptable, according to reports.

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