has cancelled bookings of some customers following pressure from the Israeli government.

Airport news for Manchester,Travel on 16/04/2012.

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The news comes as some 2,000 ‘flytilla’ activists had made reservations to travel to the Middle Eastern state in order to join a pro-Palestinian gathering at the weekend in the West Bank. But said on Friday that it was forced to cancel bookings for three of the women that were destined to head to the event from Manchester via a flight to Tel Aviv on the budget carrier.

Reports said that the women had been notified of the cancellation via email, which also said that they would not receive a refund for the bookings and that the situation was out of the airline's hands. One of the individuals, retired nurse Norma Turner, said to media that the airline had “caved into the pressure” and said that it had never occurred to her that Israel would have been able to stop Britons from being able to leave British airports.

The news comes a week after Israel had said it promised to bar thousands of activists from entering the country for what has been referred to as ‘flytilla’, when the primarily European sympathisers were to stay in the West Bank for a week of educational and cultural events.

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