Manchester Airport toilets voted the best in Britain

Airport news for Manchester,Travel on 07/12/2009.

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Manchester Airport have something to celebrate this week after walking away with the trophy for best airport toilets at this year’s Loo of the Year awards ceremony.

It was revealed at the ceremony, which is held annually, that a total of 300 toilet attendants are employed by Manchester Airport to ensure that their toilets are always in tiptop condition. The guests at the awards ceremony also learned that there are as many as 1,015 U-bends, 464 urinals and 1,021 sinks at Manchester Airport, so keeping them clean is no mean feat.

In fact, some 20 million passengers each year, and around 27,297 miles of toilet roll is used over the course of 12 months, which is around four times the distance from Manchester to Singapore.

Sarah Barrett is the head of customer experience at Manchester Airport. She was elected to receive the award and announced that; "We are absolutely delighted to have earned this recognition because in order to meet the expectations of our customers, we must get the 'basics' right. The award extends to all of the cleaning staff - they are among the many unsung heroes of Manchester Airport."

Manchester Airport beat more than 1,500 other competitors to win the award and the selection was made after grading each toilet on 100 different criteria. The first Loo of the Year Awards ceremony was held in 1987 and focuses on public toilets throughout the UK. The big winners of the night were McDonalds, which was voted as having the overall best toilets in the UK.

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