Manchester Airport bans nearby fireworks displays - Manchester Airport News

Airport news for Manchester on 04/08/2008.

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Officials at the airport recently issued details about the new ban, which will prohibit the use of Category 3 fireworks and rockets within 1.1 miles of either side of the runways, and within three miles of flight paths.

Fireworks of categories 1-3 may be used from three to five miles of the airport, and under the flight paths, but no rockets will be allowed. From five to ten miles, all fireworks in categories 1-3 will be permitted.

The new regulations will apply to all times of the year, but are being put into place before the upcoming wedding season and the fall bonfire party season, both of which traditionally feature fireworks displays.

A spokeswoman for Manchester Airport, Wendy Sinfield, said: "We’re not trying to spoil anyone’s fun and we know that fireworks and displays are increasingly popular but they can be dangerous to planes. Pilots can be dazzled by unexpected displays and we want to make sure that our aircraft are safe."

Neighbours of the airport will be able to set off fireworks displays on two Saturdays: 1 November 2008 and 7 November 2009. The regulations will be suspended for the 15 minute period from 8:15 pm to 8:30 pm, according to airport officials.

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