Ryanair announces major expansion plans - Liverpool,Bristol,Edinburgh,Prestwick Airport News

Airport news for Liverpool,Bristol,Edinburgh,Prestwick on 19/11/2009.

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The budget carrier Ryanair, is all set to increase its fleet of airlines and intends to introduce new routes in the United Kingdom. The airline is reported to have invested an estimated 210 million dollars in UK tourism.

There are three planes to be introduced in UK. One being placed at the Bristol airport and the other two will be introduced at Liverpool airport. The date from which these flights will be available is given out as March 28, 2010. The ten new routes to be opened are said to be from the airports of Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow (Prestwick) and Liverpool. These routes are said to begin operation from February.

The new routes established are from Bristol to Valencia, Faro, Gdansk, Palma de Mallorca and Venice; from Edinburgh to Tampere; from Liverpool to Lodz, Rimini and Trapanican; from Glasgow (Prestwick) to Carcassonne. Booking for the above mentioned routes is to be opened from the twentieth of November.

The expansion from Ryanair is expected to bring four hundred more jobs at Bristol and Liverpool airports in 2010. Also, the passenger rate is likely to go up by 400,000 additional passengers yearly.

Ryanair is a low-cost airline which was originally based in Ireland. The two leading base airports for the airline are now the London Stansted Airport and the Dublin airport. From its thirty-six bases, Ryanair operates on more than 950 routes across Europe and Morocco. In terms of passenger numbers, Ryanair is reputed to be one of the largest airlines in Europe. It also has the distinction of having the largest number of international passengers worldwide.

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