A new report has highlighted increasing auto traffic and air quality around the facility.

Airport news for Heathrow,Travel on 15/03/2012.

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The study, which came via the London Assembly, said that automobile traffic for pick-up and drop-offs at the west London airport was a primary cause for the neighbourhood's poor air quality, noting that about 66 per cent of some 69 million passengers moving through Heathrow annually travel to and from the airport via taxi or private cars.

Officials also said that larger aircraft and upgrades to the airport could push its capacity to nearly 95 million travellers per year.

The report has recommended that operating hours of the London Underground be extended in order to reduce Heathrow congestion on surrounding roadways. Authors also recommend more drastic measures and say action needs to be taken to encourage passengers to head to the airport via coaches or busses and that airlines need to be encouraged to discontinue the use of the heaviest polluting aircraft models at Heathrow.

Murad Qureshi, head of the environment committee for the London Assembly, said in a statement that nearly 4,000 Londoners die each year due to poor air quality. He said action must be taken to address one of the largest sources of emissions in the area – Heathrow airport.

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