Heathrow’s operators have admitted that the airport will continue to struggle with snowfall in the coming years.

Airport news for Heathrow,Flights on 09/02/2012.

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According to officials from Spanish-owned British Airport Authority, delays and cancellations at Europe’s busiest airport will be commonplace amid snow accumulation because the facility is vastly overcrowded.

The statement follows fresh criticism after hundreds of flights were cancelled on Saturday and Sunday despite only three inches of accumulation at the west London airport. Many said that the BAA should now be more prepared for such conditions following last year’s fiasco over the Christmas holiday season.

Some 41 per cent of all flights were scrapped at the weekend, although around a third of those were cancelled before a single snowflake had fallen, according to news reports. The BAA said that many flights had been cancelled because aircrews and ground staff had been stranded at other airports and that the initial lot was cancelled to ensure that disruptions would not spill over into the workweek.

And spokesman for the company said in a statement that cancellations are generally the only way to “gain slack” in the event of snowfall if the facility is to continue running at nearly 99 per cent capacity.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister has opted to defend the BAA; a spokesman for Mr Cameron said in a statement that the firm had to take swift action ahead of the storm, which meant cancelling some flights was necessary.

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