BAA to connect over 125,000 hotspots with single account

Airport news for Heathrow,Edinburgh,Glasgow,Stansted on 06/02/2010.

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Airports and airlines around the world are doing their part to become more modern. With people now doing business that requires constant communication it has become vital that airports and airlines can offer passengers internet service whether they are waiting in the terminal or thirty thousand feet above ground. Airlines are increasingly offering wi-fi service on their flights which allow customers all of the convenience of the internet while they are in the middle of their flight. Recently a deal was announced which will bring better wi-fi service to some of the busiest airports in the United Kingdom. The new service will make these airports some of the largest wireless internet hotspots in the entire United Kingdom.

Boingo Wireless, which is the largest neutral host operator of wireless internet in the world, recently got a contract to upgrade the internet in six different major airports in the UK. Boingo Wireless will now be the only wireless internet provider in Stansted, Heathrow, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Southampton, and Aberdeen airports in the United Kingdom which will make them one of the largest wireless internet providers in the world. Boingo will open a London office which will allow them to better regulate their new acquisitions and to be more in tune with their British customer base.

“BAA’s decision brings those travelers access to not only six airports in the UK, but also more than 125,000 hotspots around the world with a single account,” according to David Hagan, who is the CEO of Boingo Wireless. Passengers can expect to see Boingo in airports very soon.

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