Airport operator’s chairman criticizes the cost of cancelling the third runway

Airport news for Heathrow,Flights on 27/09/2010.

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Sir Nigel Rudd, the chairman of airport operator BAA, has admitted that Heathrow is ‘full’ and says foreign investors are worried about the failure to develop a third runway. The boss of BAA said the government’s cancellation of plans for a third runway at Heathrow has relegated the UK’s premier airport to second-tier status.

He said the UK faced a risk of becoming less competitive thanks to the decision not to grant Heathrow permission for a third runway. The decision not to grant the UK’s busiest airport a third runway was one of the first moves made by the new coalition government when it came into power in May.

Sir Nigel said that BAA’s major investors could not understand the British government’s decision. Those investors include giant Spanish infrastructure firm Ferrovial and GIC, the Singapore government’s investment corporation. He question how, if the government was not going to allow another runway at Heathrow or, in fact, in the Southeast of England, the country would deal with seeing a shrinking share of the international air travellers while every other major international airport was expanding.

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