Plane Stupid protester attacks Lord Mandelson - Heathrow,Stansted Airport News

Airport news for Heathrow,Stansted on 09/03/2009.

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The environmental protester threw a slimy green liquid that she was carrying in a disposable coffee cup in the face of the British Business Secretary, Peter Mandelson, on Friday, according to a spokesman for the Metropolitan Police.

Lord Mandelson was just stepping out of his car in London, where he was attending a meeting about carbon emission regulation. According to the protester, the act was in protest of the government’s support for the expansion of Heathrow Airport.

Although police did not identify the woman, the group Plane Stupid, said that her name was Leila Deen. Plane Stupid opposes the expansion of airports and climate change that is related to the aviation industry.

Police indicated that Deen reported to a central London police station on Saturday as had been arranged. She has not yet been charged, but will return in April.

The protester said: "It was a grave decision that I had to take to highlight this, but we cannot have people like Peter Mandelson standing by and being applauded for his actions on climate change when he's agreed to the third runway and bullied others into that."

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