Heathrow third runway receives go-ahead

Airport news for Heathrow,Edinburgh,Flights,Gatwick,Travel on 10/12/2009.

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If government targets of carbon dioxide emission cuts have to be reached, then air travel in UK should not grow by over 60 percent by 2050, claims a report released recently.

The Committee on Climate Control believes that the UK aviation industry will reportedly grow by 200 percent by 2050 if not properly regulated. This data was compared to data provided in 2005.

The rate of passengers is expected to grow from the current 230 million passengers recorded in 2005 to 695 million passengers in 2050.

The Committee on Climate Control has recommended that 60 percent growth could be reached by raising fares, the use of biofuel, a switch to rail, using new cleaner versions of aircrafts and by increasing the use of video conferencing by business travelers in order to avoid the need for travel.

However, the committee supported the building of a third runaway at Heathrow Airport, and also a second runaway at Edinburgh and Standsted airports. It affirmed that no other airport would be allowed to expand.

The committee was requested to create a report citing options available to reach the desired emission levels of carbon dioxide by the UK government. The government, however, specified that Heathrow and two other airports were in dire need of expansion and to consider this fact in their report.

The required target currently is to achieve 2005 levels of carbon dioxide emissions by 2050. The report mentioned that fuel efficiencies and operational improvements could result in a 30% reduction in emissions. Biofuels could account for another 10 percent by 2050.

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