Snow causes flight cancellations at Heathrow - Heathrow Airport News

Airport news for Heathrow on 07/04/2008.

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British Airways has been dealing with the challenges of its new terminal building but on Sunday, more problems were added to its already substantial list of troubles. Bad weather forced the airline to cancel a total of 114 flights from London Healthrow.

In addition, the adverse weather conditions caused the cancellation of 32 of BA’s flights from Gatwick Airport.

The cold weather conditions caused ice to form on two runways which had to be closed in order to remove the ice. Snow caused officials to reduce the number of take off and landing slots available at the airport for the duration of the storm.

On Saturday, 12 flights were cancelled because the airport operator BAA was not able to fix software problems which identify passengers, their flight and their luggage. By Sunday, however, those problems were solved.

A representative from BAA, said: "In the early hours of this morning, the software problem in Heathrow Terminal 5 was resolved and the baggage system is functioning well."

"The principal challenge for Heathrow,” continued the representative, “is the snow and ice around the airport. We have well-rehearsed procedures in place to deal with this weather and all areas of the airport have been extensively de-iced and treated."

Since March 27th, when Heathrow Terminal 5 opened, British Airways has cancelled hundreds of flights, embarrassing the nation and lowering the airline’s share price.

Other airlines had to deal with similar weather conditions. At Gatwick Airport, Easyjet cancelled six flights on Sunday. All airlines suffered delays when the runway was forced to close because of snow.

On Sunday, the UK Meteorological Office issued weather warnings for the north of Scotland, southern England and southwest Wales. Some areas received as much as 8 centimeters of snow, closing some roads.

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