EUclaim represents passenger group claim against BA - Heathrow Airport News

Airport news for Heathrow on 16/10/2008.

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The law firm acting as legal counsel for the airline passenger rights group EUclaim, Lavelle Coleman, has filed a compensation claim on behalf of 23 British Airways passengers in Uxbridge County Court. The passengers claim that they were adversely affected by the airline’s cancellation of its flight 0502 from London to Lisbon on 14 March of this year.

EUclaim revealed that it is currently representing several hundred airline passengers who were impacted by either cancelled flights or lengthy delays on flights operated by BA.

“BA has produced numerous reasons for cancellations and for the non payment of their passengers' claims - these range from insufficient cabin crew and staff sickness to technical problems,” noted EUclaim’s CEO, Hendrik Noorderhaven.

“Quite frankly these are, in most cases, not extraordinary circumstances and the airline is simply hiding behind these excuses. We have repeatedly asked BA to give the real reasons behind the cancellations but they have refused to do so.”

EUclaim believes that UK air passengers are not receiving as much as £130 million in compensation due them each year.

"Sadly, passengers are unaware of their rights - they go online to claim compensation from an airline and their claim is rejected - most give up - it's just too expensive to take legal action as an individual,” the company’s CEO added.

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