Bad news for BAA - Heathrow,Gatwick,Stansted Airport News

Airport news for Heathrow,Gatwick,Stansted on 28/02/2008.

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According to some accusations, the operator of the UK’s busiest airport, the British Airports Authority (BAA) may have manipulated figures in order to disguise the actual number of delays experienced by millions of passengers flying from the company’s London airports.

At the same time, information has surfaced which suggests that the skies over London may be too busy to handle more flights, making the new runways proposed at Heathrow and Stansted almost redundant.

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) documents have been leaked to the [public which show that airlines believe BAA is distorting their customer satisfaction data in order to conceal what some have called “disastrous” service.

According to the Airport Authority, 95 per cent of passengers at Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted almost always wait less than 10 minutes to get through security checkpoints. CAA requires that airports achieve this target and fines airports which fail to do so.

Channel 4 recently acquired an official report from BAA to the CAA which states that the only reason BAA is able to report that this target is achieved and avoid the fine is by not counting from the back of the queue.

Booz Allen Hamilton who is responsible for the report, called BAA’s measurement methods “arbitrary” and claims that “only a few [BAA] airports measure actual time spent in the queue”.

BAA has consistently claimed that another runway will help Heathrow eliminate some of the problems plaguing the airport.

According to the air traffic service, NATS and the CAA: “Were all [BAA’s] southeastern airport development plans to come to fruition, CAA and NATS are of the view that there would not be sufficient airspace to accommodate the scale of predicted growth on the basis of current and predicted technology.”

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