Airport detainees lack human rights - Heathrow,Glasgow Airport News

Airport news for Heathrow,Glasgow on 16/06/2008.

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According to reports in the Sunday Herald, the human rights of detained suspects being held at airports and ports across the UK is not being sufficiently monitored or attended to. Passengers suspected of illegally immigrating into the country are held at airports and ports but there is no body monitoring their welfare, which in itself is a breach of their human rights. Three years ago, a prison watchdog recommended to the home secretary that monitoring systems be put in place, however so far nothing has been done on the issue.

Thousands of people are detained in airports and ports in Scotland every year when the UK Border Agency finds irregularities in their travel documents or problems with their visas.

The people are generally held at one of three non-residential facilities until their case has been clarified. The facilities are operated by Group 4 Securicor at Edinburgh and Glasgow Airport, and Scotland's immigration reporting centre at Festival Court in Glasgow.

Heathrow has a similar facility in each of its five terminals and has distinguished itself as the only airport in the country with an Independent Monitoring Board (IMD) committees to ensure the welfare of detainees. The IMB consists of members of the public who make weekly visits to the holding facilities.

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