Passengers travelling from Scotland’s major airports will begin undergoing full body scans at the weekend.

Airport news for Glasgow,Edinburgh on 30/08/2012.

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Passengers travelling from Scotland’s major airports will begin undergoing random body scan screening at the weekend.

Reports said on Wednesday that both Glasgow and Edinburgh airports are to start utilising the technology beginning 1 September in accordance with a directive initiated by the UK government.

Glasgow airport’s managing director Amanda McMillan said in a statement that her organisation had addressed concerns raised regarding the devices and that the scanners would maintain high levels of security at the airport whilst passengers would retain their right to privacy.

Similarly, Gordon Dewar, chief executive of Edinburgh airport, said that the scanning process was “quick, simple and safe” and would serve as a “great enhancement” to security.

Full body scanning technology has created a stir among privacy advocates, as the devices create an image of each passenger’s body in order for officers to identify concealed weapons and hidden contraband. Moreover, some groups were initially concerned about passengers’ exposure to radiation, although official reports from UK and European authorities have since deemed the technology to be safe.

Body scanners are already in use at numerous airports worldwide, including Manchester and Heathrow. European airports began investing in scanners in 2010 after authorities foiled one passenger’s attempt to blow up a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day in 2009.

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