The UK prime minister is to examine plans for a new London airport in the Thames estuary.

Airport news for Flights,Heathrow on 19/03/2012.

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During a speech on Monday David Cameron acknowledged that the UK capital is in need of larger airport capacity and that Britain needs to keep its status as the global centre of air travel despite the controversy surrounding the issue.

The Prime Minister’s comments came during his presentation on the UK’s infrastructure efforts, during which he said that the Coalition government would need to fully examine the pros and cons of the proposal before establishing its “vision” of the country’s future in aviation.

Cameron said that airport capacity was needed throughout the UK but said that it was especially important in the South East, noting that it was key to keep London as a hub rather than simply a feeder airport for nearby competitors such as Frankfurt, Dubai or Amsterdam. He said this was why he had commissioned both the Treasury and the Department of Transportation to examine the Thames estuary proposal, which is strongly opposed by environmental groups.

The news comes despite increasing pressure on ministers to adopt a plan to add a third runway at London’s grossly overcrowded Heathrow airport. However, Cameron has stood firm in blocking any expansion of the facility, citing concerns of low-flying aircraft over central London.

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