Airport closures left huge numbers of planes grounded as the monster storm bore down on the US East Coast.

Airport news for Flights,Heathrow on 29/08/2011.

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Thousands of flights were grounded in the USA as Hurricane Irene led to major airports being closed in the eastern USA. The US Federal Aviation Administration said 10 airports were completely closed.

Major airports shut as a result of the storm included New York’s La Guardia and JFK airports, Newark in New Jersey and Philadelphia, a major travel hub in the United States. Other airports, like Portland, Maine and Boston stayed open but almost no services flew in or out.

New York City is typically a popular destination on British bank holiday weekends. At Heathrow this past weekend, however, more than 75 flights to the USA were cancelled on Sunday.

A spokesperson for BAA, which operates Heathrow airport, said it expected services to return to normal operations after the hurricane clears the US East Coast. The airport says it has been working closely with the airlines in order to provide passengers with the latest news.

Airlines cancelled many flights because of the predicted effect of Hurricane Irene. Flights through both Newark and New York JFK were hit particularly hard by the storm as authorities in the USA decided to completely shut down the airports for a large portion of the weekend.

British Airways advised travellers whose flights have been cancelled not to travel to Heathrow and that they can claim full refunds or re-book to flights on later dates. BA is also letting customers put the money they’ve spent towards flights to other destinations handled by BA’s network.

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