Flyers are still waiting for luggage that went missing at Manchester Airport during the Christmas havoc.

Airport news for Flights,Manchester on 06/01/2011.

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Manchester Airport is still struggling to deal with a massive backlog of lost baggage created there following the snow chaos in December. Airport bosses have run out of space in airport terminals for all of the luggage and have been forced to keep them in the airport’s cargo centre.

Hundreds of pieces of baggage were lost by passengers when the snow chaos made them miss their connecting flights out of Manchester Airport. The bags got stuck in the luggage handling system and did not follow the travellers when they were finally able to catch flights onwards to their destinations.

British Airways hired in extra staff as well as volunteers over Christmas to help try to reunite lost bags with their owners. The remaining baggage backlog is being put at four days.

Last month, heavy snows and Arctic temperatures swept across the UK and northern Europe, forcing the closure of many airports. Many flights were diverted, delayed and cancelled, forcing thousands of passengers to miss their connecting flights.

In the chaos, Manchester Airport received much praise for managing to remain open. Dedicated staff and a £2 million investment in snow-clearing equipment were lauded for the success.

Other airports, most notably Gatwick and Heathrow, suffered badly under the heavy weather. This caused travel problems for which Manchester Airport is now paying the price.

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