Unlike previous offers, union won’t be advising members to reject it.

Airport news for Flights,Heathrow on 01/07/2010.

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British Airways has made its latest offer for the Unite union to put to its members and this time, the union will not be advising its members how to vote. BusinessWeek is reporting that the latest offer from the airline should be voted on by cabin crew in the Unite union by this weekend.

In the past, the union has taken the position that BA’s offers have been unsuitable and has recommended members vote to reject past packages. This time, however, Unite is expected to remain neutral, a change in stance that some take to indicate the union thinks there is a much-reduced chance of being able to negotiate for greater concessions from British Airways.

However, though the union is expected not to advise BA crew simply to reject the latest offer, Unite is unlikely to come right out and support the offer, either. British Airways is still refusing to restore the cheap travel perks it took away from union members as punishment for their involvement in strikes held back in March.

The vote will be held by Electoral Reform Services and will see 12,000 BA crew deciding whether to accept the latest offer from the airline. A positive outcome would see an end to months of industrial action that has hit the airline hard, as it wrestles with the financial pain of a global recession, high fuel prices and the volcanic ash disaster.

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