Opulent Emirates A380 super jumbo wows Manchester Airport.

Airport news for Flights,Manchester on 02/09/2010.

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Emirates flew its impressive Airbus A380 jet airliner into Manchester Airport to kick off its new daily flight to Dubai. An excited crowd watched the high-tech 500-seat aircraft’s approach and arrival. This is the first time the huge jet has landed anywhere in the UK outside London’s Heathrow Airport. The A380 has been operating out of Heathrow for two years. The level of luxury aboard the A380 is impressive, even for passengers not lucky enough to enjoy first class or business.

The party pieces are on the upper level, where visitors are treated to views of a champagne bar and first-class capsule seating that includes a range of gadgets as well as top-class meals. Even in business class, travellers can enjoy remarkable levels of comfort and luxury, with plenty of room to relax or move about. The plane is so big that even the old ‘cattle-class’ in economy seating gets to enjoy remarkable spaciousness. Unfortunately for people seated in economy class, they don’t get to enjoy the wood lined shower areas. They will, however save much of the cost of a first-class ticket, which to Dubai is priced at more than £3,000.

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