Investigators are probing a crash at Birmingham Airport involving a jet carrying a donor liver.

Airport news for Flights,Birmingham on 22/11/2010.

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One man has hurt and another left with serious injuries, when a private jet carrying a donor organ for transplant crashed in heavy fog at Birmingham Airport. The aircraft was flying from Belfast. Despite the crash, the donor organ was successfully used in the transplant surgery.

Air-crash investigators have said they will be interviewing parties involved in the accident, which occurred on Friday afternoon. Birmingham Airport was reopened by authorities on Saturday. About 80 flights were affected by the accident.

The Cessna jet made a crash landing on the tarmac around 3.30pm. The UK’s Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) completed its investigation on the airfield on Saturday. Following the completion of safety checks, the runway was reopened.

On Sunday, a spokesman for the AAIB said a report on the crash would be published within due course. He said the investigations were continuing and inspectors would look into all aspects of the accident in an effort to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the incident. He added that they would speak to all of the people involved as well as any witnesses and would examine the aircraft wreckage.

Following the crash, one man was left trapped in burning wreckage. A member of air ambulance crew braved flames to shut off the fuel supply and let medics reach the 58-year-old man. Another man, thought to be in his 30s, went to hospital with a back injury and flash burns.

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