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Airport news for Flights,Gatwick on 25/05/2009.

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After months of bad news, with the number of passengers passing through the UK’s airports decreasing more and more each month, BAA are finally able to report some good news. Their recently released figures show that passenger traffic at Heathrow and Edinburgh airports rose dramatically in April, giving the airports a much needed boost.

Unfortunately, it would seem that most of this increase was due to the Easter holiday, with many people flying to visit friend s and family or simply taking advantage of the long break to jet off to a holiday destination.

With the holiday over, the figures have plummeted again this month, which indicates that many companies have cut their business travel budgets. The BAA and other airport companies around the world rely on business travel to keep their figures high throughout the year and keep planes in the sky. Without it, many services may have to be cut or at least pared down in order to cut expenses.

Although most of Great Britain’s airports are still predicting low figures for the next few months, it is hoped that the numbers will soon start to rise and the general economic situation improves and people take to the skies once more.

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