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Airport news for Flights,Gatwick on 22/06/2009.

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The Pilots of prominent airline British Airways are due to take a pay cut soon. However, it seems that there will be no striking over the rights of workers this time as the decision was entirely voluntary.

A deal has been struck between British airways the British Airline Pilots Association (Balps), which will also see 78 staff members lose their jobs under a voluntary redundancy package. Starting in October, 3,200 pilots will accept a 2.61%cut in their basic salary.

"This is a unique agreement, Balpa General Secretary Jim McAuslan explained in a recent interview by the Guardian. “We have been doing some intensive research and polling over the last 2 months. Our research indicates that BA is facing a real business challenge and this is not the case of the employer crying wolf. Our polling of BA pilots over the last two months indicates the approach they want their union to take in responding to that challenge. We believe we have delivered on that and are therefore hopeful for a strong Yes vote.''

It has yet to be seen whether the strategy will be adopted by other airlines and their staff, but it is certain to have strong implications on air travel in general. The reduction in wages and staff could be exactly the boost British Airways need to put them in the black once more.

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