Edinburgh airport has launched an inquiry after two fire fighters were hurt during a training exercise last week.

Airport news for Edinburgh,Travel on 08/10/2012.

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Officials at Edinburgh airport have launched an investigation after two fire fighters were hurt during a training exercise last week.

The incident occurred on Thursday morning, during which a fire truck was turned on its side on one of the airports taxiways. Reports said that one of the crewmembers suffered multiple fractures in his arm; the individual was immediately taken to hospital via ambulance whilst the other only suffered minor injuries.

Now, airport operators say that an inquiry is underway as the equipment involved in the ordeal is owned by the on-airport fire service.

On Thursday, dozens of passengers Tweeted that the ordeal had caused disruptions, although the airport maintains that the incident had no effect on flight operations.

A spokesman said on behalf of the airport that the incident was part of a training exercise and in now way had any implications on passengers or normal airport operating conditions.

Meanwhile, safety and law expert Patrick McGuire of Thompsons Solicitors told reporters from the Scotsman news agency that the airport would have to suspend all training programs until the investigation is completed.

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