The British Airports Authority has revealed that it will soon sell off Edinburgh airport due to competition regulations.

Airport news for Edinburgh,Travel on 20/10/2011.

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he announcement from the airport operating group comes after the UK Competition Commission said the organisation would have to sell of one of its hubs in Scotland. Now the BAA has said it is currently making preparations to formally put its facility in the Scottish capital on the market by the beginning of 2012 in the hope of a sale midway through the year.

The news follows an extensive inquiry in which competition officials ruled the company’s current stake in airports around Britain was anti-competitive. The BAA was forced to sell off Gatwick and is still involved in a dispute surrounding Stansted airport. Following the forthcoming sale of Edinburgh, it will retain two airports in Scotland: Aberdeen and Glasgow.

BAA chief executive Colin Matthews said that his organisation would be very sorry to see Edinburgh airport go, adding that it was a great facility with a great team. He said the firm would remain committed to its remaining Scottish airports as well as to Edinburgh through the sale process.

Matthews went on to say that it was a difficult decision to choose which airport would be sold.

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