Airline passenger fined for stun gun in suitcase - Edinburgh Airport News

Airport news for Edinburgh on 13/04/2009.

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He was charged with being in possession of a prohibited weapon and hit with a fine of £600.

Gary Bell, a 44-year-old resident of Methil, entered a guilty plea on the charge at Edinburgh, and received his sentence this past week.

Bell returned to Edinburgh from Thailand via Amsterdam. At the Edinburgh Airport it was discovered that he had carried the “novelty” item on the flight in his suitcase.

The court heard testimony the item was a torch that could be converted to a stun gun with the use of a pin.

Defence Agent Duncan Hughes, described the item: “Essentially it's a torch which can be converted into a stun gun with the insertion of a pin.”

Hughes added: “He was having a meal in a restaurant in Thailand and there was a young boy going round the tables selling the items. He thought it was quite funny. Obviously it's not funny.”

According to Hughes, if a person were to be hit by the stun gun, they would be immobilised and left dazed for a period of up to several minutes.

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