Joke delays flight to Edinburgh - Edinburgh Airport News

Airport news for Edinburgh on 01/05/2008.

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A Flight to Edinburgh Airport was delayed last week after a Spanish man made an inappropriate joke on board which concerned flight attendants.

The Flyglobespan flight contained 147 passengers who were leaving Malaga. While on the runway waiting for take-off, a 25-year-old Spanish man was heard telling his girlfriend, who was afraid of flying, “We are all going to die today.”

Other passengers alerted the air stewards to the comment. The stewards, in turn, informed the captain of the plane. The captain made the decision to return to the terminal building and alert the police.

Police met the plane and questioned the man. Upon questioning, he apologized and explained the joke. The man was allowed to return to the flight on the condition that he stayed silent for the duration of the flight.

Police in Edinburgh met the man and warned him not to repeat his conduct on another flight.

A spokesperson from the airline confirmed that the incident had taken place and called it “stupid and foolish” and dismissed any question of there having been a terrorist threat on the plane.

Malaga is one of the most popular vacation spots for visitors from the UK this year. Flyglobespan is a Scottish budget airline operating from Edinburgh Airport and flying from nine airports across the UK to 24 destinations across the globe.

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