Petition launched to curb night fights at East Midlands - East Midlands Airport News

Airport news for East Midlands on 03/04/2008.

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Residents around the East Midlands Airport have begun a petition they intend to place before the Prime Minister, calling for more restrictions on night flights at the airport.

The petition is available online at the 10 Downing Street website. The website was created by the chairman of DEMAND (Demand East Midlands Airport is Now Designated), Steve Charlish.

According to recent statistics, the East Midlands Airport has more night time flights currently than both Heathrow and Gatwick Airports combined. Statistics from 2007 indicate that between the hours of 23:00 and 07:00, there were 6,238 flights from Heathrow and 12,909 flights from Gatwick. In contrast, there were 19,888 flights during the same time period at East Midlands.

Unlike Heathrow and Gatwick, night flights at East Midlands are not restricted by government regulations and Charlish says this is causing stress and depression for nearby residents who are being kept awake at night by the noise.

North West Leicestershire MP David Taylor, also supports the petition. . He said: “Once there are enough names on the petition, I will be drawing it to the attention of the Transport Secretary and then, hopefully, bringing it specifically to the notice of the Prime Minister.”

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