Chihuahua discovered in cabin luggage at Dublin airport - Dublin,Travel Airport News

Airport news for Dublin,Travel on 26/10/2009.

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Airport security staff at the Dublin airport were startled yesterday, to find a tiny live dog stuffed into the hand luggage of a Bulgarian passenger arriving from Madrid in Spain.

A routine scanner check of the hang bag revealed the outline of the dog, which security staff first believed was a stuffed toy. On closer inspection, however, it was revealed that the dog was indeed alive, if not kicking. Airport officials have said the dog appeared to be in good health, albeit a little dazed from the journey.

The surprise-furry passenger from Spain has since been handed over to Department of Agriculture and Food, and is now in quarantine. The Bulgarian man who had smuggled the dog on the flight was arrested.

The tiny dog is reported to be Chihuahua-like, and was placed in a cage within the handbag.

Officials have confirmed that when the luggage was screened, the staff first noticed the image of the tiny dog in its cage. It was only after the opened the bag to inspect its contents more closely that they realised it was a live animal.

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