Ryanair customers sue over cancelled flights - Dublin Airport News

Airport news for Dublin on 06/10/2008.

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A Dutch firm that specialises in helping air passengers take legal action against carriers, EUclaim, has offered to handle claims of Ryanair customers for compensation.

"When individual passengers approached the airline for compensation they were informed that the delays or cancellations were due to 'weather conditions' or 'technical problems," a spokesperson for EUclaim said.

The spokesperson continued, adding: "In most cases airlines will reject claims made by individual passengers, stating 'extraordinary circumstances' as the cause of the delay or cancellation. But more often than not this is not the case."

EUclaim asserts that it is has been successful in aiding individuals who find their individual attempts at filing claims thwarted, saying that they are able to track the flight histories of specific aircraft, by searching records via the tail fin numbers.

This newest round of legal action in Dublin is part of the continuing battle over passenger rights that, up until now has involved consumer advocacy associations, lawyers and the EU.

Under EU law, air passengers are eligible to be compensated up to £476 per person for flight cancellations. Past attempts to enforce this provision in the law have been met with strong opposition from air carriers, however. Consumer advocacy groups and the EU argue that airlines are actively avoiding payment of compensation due.

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