Major drug busts at Dublin Airport - Dublin Airport News

Airport news for Dublin on 04/02/2008.

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On Saturday, customs officials and local police worked together to seize drugs valued at €200,000, at Dublin Airport.

The operation was lead by the Garda National Drugs Unit and led to the arrest of an Austrian man carrying large amounts of herbal cannabis. After his arrest, the man was questioned in the afternoon and was detained at the Santry Garda Station.

The first arrest occurred after the seizure of 10.6 kilos of cannabis from a 26-year old man arriving into Dublin from Bilbao via Madrid.

The second seizure was of 13.6 kilos occurred following a bag search belonging to a 46-year old woman traveling from Johannesburg via Abu Dhabi.

In addition, customs officials also investigated and made seizures of prescription drugs at Dublin Airport. Over 14,000 sleeping tablets were taken from a passenger travelling into Dublin from Malaga. Limovan, Zopicalma and Dorimidan tablets worth around €70,000 were seized and led to the arrest of another person.

Another arrest was made on Monday after someone was found carrying 12,000 tablets worth over €63,000 into Dublin from Malaga.

Those arrested should appear in court very soon.

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