Bricks, frozen turkey and even a goldfish have been discovered in passengers’ baggage.

Airport news for Cardiff,Flights on 03/01/2011.

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Security checks at Cardiff Airport have unearthed a range of bizarre and unusual items in passengers’ luggage. Some of the strangest things found include a briefcase filled with bricks, a frozen turkey and even a goldfish.

Despite the huge number of news stories that publicise ever stringent security checks at UK airports that have been implemented in the wake of the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11, passengers continue to try flying with unusual items. The list of confiscated belongings is considerable.

Perhaps the most unusual is the 10 pound frozen turkey one passenger was found to be carrying in their hand luggage. According to airport staff, the passenger was mostly worried about whether or not the bird would be sufficiently thawed once it reached its destination.

In another case, a traveller’s briefcase was found to contain 10 bricks. Other checks have turned up a butchers knife allegedly intended for gardening, and life preservers.

Another traveller tried to carry a goldfish on board as hand luggage. Upon being informed this was not possible, the passenger tried to have the fish checked in. This request was also denied.

One flyer tried to check in a live palm tree that was planted in a sand bag. Apparently, the plant had already come halfway around the world while being transported from Dubai when the original plane was diverted to Cardiff.

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