Mobile check-in available at Belfast City - Belfast Airport News

Airport news for Belfast on 14/04/2008.

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Belfast City Airport is participating in a new experiment with their passengers which will trial the ability of travellers to check in to their flights using their mobile phones. If successful, the program would allow travellers to book themselves through every step of the airport process from check in to security with their phone.

The trail at Belfast City Airport is being conducted on bmi flights from Belfast to Heathrow over the next four weeks. If the pilot scheme proves effective, it will be used for all bmi flights.

Customers who wish to avail themselves of the new technology can do so when they book their flight through the airline’s website. They will have the choice, during the booking process, to sign up for a bmi barcode. The airline will send the barcode to the passenger’s mobile phone. The barcode will get the passenger directly through to security where it will be checked. The barcode will be checked again at the boarding gate.

A bmi spokesman said: “The system will be completely paperless and will fast track anyone who wants to use it. It will be particularly convenient for business travellers, who - if they finish their meetings early or late - can simply have their PA change the details and have a new barcode sent.

“We have made a huge investment in the technology for the scheme. We are the first airline to offer it and we are confident it will roll out to the rest of our flights. It is an exciting development in technology and will certainly cut down on airport waiting time.”

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